English book

Small Barrel Organ

Building instruction


This booklet describes the operation and construction of a barrel organ. The organ has 36 keys according to one of the most commonly used scales for book organs. In addition to text and photos, the booklet also contains various extensive drawings with dimensions and scale indications. The booklet also contains workshop instructions with a detailed description of the arrangements of the parts of the organ.

One chapter of the book provides a brief description of the making of barrel organ books.


The text and drawings of the book and workshop instructions together are more than sufficient for the skilled do-it-yourselfer who is familiar with the basics of an automatically playing organ. In addition to the routine and tools for working with wood, the aspiring builder must be able to make some metal parts.

For organ cardboard and keys in various sizes, please contact:

E. Pluer Draaiorgelbouw in Bussum.

This booklet can be ordered from Huismuziek, stating the title of the book and the author:

“Small Barrel Organ Building instructions by Johan de Vries”

Phone.: +31 26 845 07 88

Example drawings from the book.